What are we doing with our world ?

Ok, today I want to say something that don’t concern gaming, but concern all of us.

I’m so bored of stupid idiot people that smoke and throw out by the window in their cars, and even worse at home their rest of cigarettes, their filters. I even, also,  saw many times, people throwing away the packing of the cigarette in the streets, in the nature. Same goes for people that drink soda and throw away the plastic bottle, etc …

So many dumb idiot that think only about themselves and nothing else. I wish people would be a little bit more intelligent and think about consequences.

I’m not an ecologist, I just like our planet, the nature, the life. And when I see those moron doing that it get’s on my nerves.

So many people don’t respect nothing anymore. Everyone wants always to get more money, more stuffs and so many people are destroying our world.

Many illness, many breathing trouble, many disease are coming from all the people around the world that don’t respect the planet, that don’t respect other living being.

I wish we all could just once think about what we are doing wrong and correct this ….


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