Bioware / EA : What are you doing with SWTOR (Star Wars The Old Republic) really ?

We all know that video games companies makes money, it’s normal, but in the case of swtor, if EA/Bioware keep going they will loose all the players, their clients, including myself, of course.

I started to play swtor 1.5 years ago, as free to play. It didn’t took me long to subscribe as I liked the game. I’m not a fan of Star Wars universe at all, but I enjoyed the game a lot.

I made some break from time to time to keep the feeling of pleasure I had, when coming back to it to play.

I even made a guild, that I manage, with more than 300 players in it.

But for several months, there is nothing to do !!!

We complained on official forum for lots of things that exist in other mmo’s, like account bank, guild ship… They heard us, but we are still waiting. They announced the new content for end of june, then it has been postponned to mid-end of august. and for the time between nothing.

The result, is my friend list is empty, noone is connecting anymore. When you have a character at end game equipment, what are you expecting ? New content, new event. Every month we have the same week of bounty hunter, they added nightmare mode for 2 operations and still nothing new.

It’s sad that a franchise with lots of potential is managed like this. I don’t expect Bioware/EA to read this but come on guys check a little bit others mmos.

I’m playing Star Trek Online, there is a new season each 6 months and each 3 months an update for the season. There is also 2-3 events each months from a week-end to a full week of event. In Rift, there is world boss event every day, plus other event also regularly. In Lord of the Rings Online, like in Star Trek Online, summer, winter event, and also spring, etc…

Bioware/EA seems to be interested only with their shop, making promotions, pushing people to buy fashion, pets, mounts, but neglecting the hardcore gamers that supported the game since the beginning. And today they have all gone. If you made a mistake with the update in august and don’t really give us regular event, activities to play the game, we will all leave, be aware of that.

Seriously guys leave your office, or unlock the proxy and try other mmo’s to see what works and what is done elsewhere …..


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