To the Presidents of G8, and even G20

I advice you to, sometimes, get out of your air conditionned office, to see the real world and what’s happening.

For several days now, the temperatures are going crazy.

We just had 35 to 37°c, 95.0°F to 98.6°F. It’s only June. Those temperatures are 10°c, 50°F higher than maximum normal June temperatures, it’s what we normally get in middle July usually.

Summer solstice is in 10 days.

Global warming, climat changes are real and it is happening now.

You have, all, to do something to help the planet and the population. For once have the gut to change things. Stop the hemorrhage. Pollution must stop, We have to reduce the co2 that we all produce, we have to reduces and recycle our garbage. Do you think your, our children will enjoy living on a trashed planet ?

I repeat I’m not an eccologist, I just want to live in a good world and even if everyone has to be concerned by the problem, it depends of you, Presidents of the most important and powerfull countries to start the change. Just do it 🙂


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