Duke Nukem Forever, not really a bad game it seems

I tried Duke Nukem Forever a few weeks ago, I didn’t had time to play it when it came out. I read all critics on videogame website, watch comments on videogame show, all those journalist criticise the game a lot, giving it note average 10/20 for most of them.

But I also read comment of players, and majority gave a 15/20 and even 16/20.

How was it possible ? So I decide also to try it.

Old fan of Duke like me were disapointed of the waiting time and we had a lots of expectation for the game, but when I started to play it, I was laughing so much with all those comments from duke and funny parts that for me it was already a good game. Duke has always said the good word at the good time in all the games before and this hasn’t changed.

It’s fun to give autograph isn’t it ? And to have all women screaming at the door ? :p

Duke drinking beer, taking stimulant to increase his strength, etc … He is even changed in “spoiler alert” action figure.

Yes the fps may be slow compared to other modern fps, but don’t forget Duke has a lot of muscle to move ^^. The graphics may not be of latest age, but I found it good enough to spend some hours playing it.

What did you expect of the story, he fight aliens do you really need a long story to fight them ?

As of today Duke Nukem Forever don’t cost much, so you might give it a shoot ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ll also try in a few, the new Wolfenstein. I played it a lot with freidns, and especially at the time the mod Ennemy Territories that was a hell of a mod. I really hope the game will be good and that they will add a multiplayer to have an ennemy territories mod like also ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy Gaming


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