I just experienced the worst behaviour in Star Trek Online I’ve seen until now

I play sto today because there is a bonus event and I need a lot of fleet marks to contribute to the projects of the fleet holdings.

One of the best place for that is the ground zone Defera, doing the 4 hard missions.

I did it with all my characters but the last team was the worst.

It was a team with 4 people of the same fleet and me. 1st of all, always waiting to start, waiting for someone, etc …. and it looks like they were on teamspeak …

As usual I loot all I can, even if it’s low quality as I need credits for the fleet projects and also there is loot of crafting materials.

Then just at the 4th mission, the leader said suddenly “who the hell is looting all the junk, it bothers me as it fill in my window ! ” What ??

I answer that i needed the stuff to craft a special plasma shield protecting versus the borg. And he kicked me !!!

what the hell he thinks he is ? I explain in whispers and after a mn, I rejoin them. At the same time one of his fleet mate flood my whispers with “it’s junk junk junk junk ….”

I answer nothing until the end as I wanted the completion of the mission and the marks reward. He was explaining me that they do Boot Pve camp with Cryptic, that they belong to the best fleets, etc ….

Seriously this behaviour is the best for them ? They don’t even know that those shield are important to fight borg and they pretend to be better than us ?

He even told me I could join their fleet, and teamspeak to learn, after the way they treated me, insulting and flooding me. NO WAY !

If you think you are the best, that means you are not and you better watch yourself in a mirror before treating others like they are nothing, especially your fleet mate …

I was so pissed, I put them all on ignore. I think I’ve done this ground zone a thousands time, it’s the 1st worse time ever.

I have probably more playing time hours than them and I’ve done all elite stfs also thousands of time and with a very good fleet and mates, but well better let them think they are the best no ? ….

Better to laugh about that I think ….


2 thoughts on “I just experienced the worst behaviour in Star Trek Online I’ve seen until now

  1. I belong to a fleet like that, put the entire fleet on ignore. Also they can always pass on the items, no need to complain about someone looting, but you do lose out on a bit of easy cash since you can collect more as a team.

    Also I’ve read about these boot camps, they’re more or less informal sessions by players who are heavily bias to a certain method than instructing. It’s more or less “do what I tell you” rather than “check this out” or “try this out”.

    Though true most items dropped are useless, but pick it up and sell for a bit of money rather complain about the wall of loot.


    • I agree completely. I’ve played lots of mmo and understand that looting to make easy cash is often important. And I agree I read also stoforum post about their pvebootcamp and don’t looks like nice for me.
      I’ve always tried to help newcomers in the fleet I am or was, giving tips, helping them to build their ships, and always told them to test things and play the way they like, which is the most important for me 🙂


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