AfterWorld Survival : getting close to what we expect for so many years

I’m playing this game for 5-6 years now. I started to play it when it was in alpha version.

After lots of problem, trouble, financial, and people, the game is in beta phase for also quite a long time, but lately they were able to raise some funds and the devellopment of the game is back on tracks.

MMO RCE. does it says domething to you ? probably not to majority of you.

RCE means Real Cash Economy.

What does that means concrete. There is no fees, no subscription and no ingame shop.

There is only 2 way to play it :  You don’t deposit real money in it and to skill, to progress you’ll need to be 12-18h a day in it. Or you deposit real money on a base of 10$ = 100 awd (afterworld dollar).

Real cash economy means also that at a point you can withdraw the money you have ingame, if you have win some or loose some.

The system exist in other game and I discovered it there, Entropia Universe and Second Life.

I’m someone reasonable and I always do a lot of effort. I was able to double my money when I withdraw all from entropia universe the time I decided to stopped playing it.

All the evolution, the upcoming devellopment and feature in AfterWorld are really interesting, rebalancing lots of stuff.

Have you ever dream imagine a game where you would choose what you want to do, where there is no quest, just you in an open world and by simply repeating action you’ll earn skills ?

Ok you’ll need to repeat those actions a lot to be able to have high skills but it’s what we do in real life.

If I decide to pick stones i’ll earn and mastery the pickaxe with time, helping me collecting more ressources with time, same for weapons, melee, range, healing kit, crafting, mining, etc …

I like the universe post apocalyptic of the game plan in 2067 or around. You’ll encounter animals, mutant, robot, cyborg and maybe humans ennemies (dunno yet if they’ll come back). We expect vehicles also a lot.

I wanted to make this post because of the new pictures they added recently on their fb page :


I was like wow it’s beautifull and really promising for the future.

If you are interested in this game I’ll ask you to wait a little bit as right now we are still waiting the new updates for next 1-2 months, and I’ll keep you inform.

You’ll be able to get info with the following links :

Keep up the progression and the good work Devs team and thank you 🙂


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