Firefall : The biggest failure I’ve encountered

Hello, today I wanted to relate you what happens tp me yesterday evening.

I’ve heard that the mmo of science fiction Firefall was realease f2p and on steam.

I’ve installed it, made an account and launched it.

The game started with cinematic, and introduction, then I started to play it, doing a sort of mini tutorial to choose the classes to play.

And after that part, nothing !!!

I’ve waited in the starting area 10mn to get a group then a nice fixed screen with a countdown and another one, etc …

In total I’ve spent 40mn in game, just waiting and waiting. I considered this the biggest failure ever, as I haven’t been able to even test the game. You will be able to see it in this video (I shortened the video).

Of course after loosing 40mn I immediately uninstalled this as I’ve also read on the forum of the game that plenty and plenty of people had trouble with the game and waiting time loop.

I’m going back to the mmo’s I know and play, and even if they have bugs, or trouble at least I can play them.

Have fun and play 🙂


Quantum Rush Online : A futuristic racing game : WipeOut is back


Do you remember WipEout games series ?

Quantum rush online is in the direct line. It’s a futuristic racing game I found f2p on Steam.

I installed it and made some races. It’s fun, you can make improvement to your ships via research, by some boost with the shop, and I believe access new ships with earnings.

I made a quick video test of the game. I’ve spent so many times playing WipEout on PS1 & PS2 long time ago and this game has a direct heritage.

You may try it 🙂

have fun and play

The Secret World

A few times ago, I’ve discovered an article on The Secret World on, written by Shannon Doyle and I wanted to quote it as I really liked this article :

I recently had the most meta experience of my entire gaming life. There I was, relaxing after the insanity of E3 and ready to settle into The Secret World’s Tokyo. Then I learned, you need to earn access to get there. It makes sense, they don’t want any noob to just wander in. So I started doing a bit of research. I had two options. The first and possibly most popular was to do scenarios. They aren’t really my thing though, so I opted for the second way. It was to complete one of the missions that was in the Sidestories: Further Analysis pack. It was an investigation mission which started in Egypt but ended up taking me all over the world.

And this is where the meta comes in. I was at one point sitting at my computer playing my character Penny who was standing in Red’s Bait and Tackle playing a text game on a tablet about being in Seoul where she has to play something similar to Guitar Hero to gain entry into the internet café. So I was in fact playing a game, within a game, within a game. Mind. Blown. I have never in my life experienced something like this. The closest thing I ever got wasn’t a construct of the game I was playing but instead a player run experience. A few friends of mine decided to roll up new characters in City of Heroes, but with a twist. They weren’t being played by us. They were being played by our characters. So I had to play my character how another one of my characters would have played her. Ahhh, roleplayers.

This got me thinking about investigation missions. They are in my humble opinion the absolute highlight of The Secret World. They make you think outside the box, inside the box, and even about the box itself. One of the earliest was Dead Air, it took place at the Kingsmouth airport. This one I completed with three of my friends and we all had different approaches to it. There was a message, in Morse code. Now, I don’t know about anyone else but my Morse code is a bit rusty. So I started searching for ways to translate it. Without even speaking to each other except in character another broke out a piece of paper and pen to start scribbling the dots and dashes down while another broke out his phone and installed an app. All of this happened in real life mind you, not just in the game. But being roleplayers we did do it in character too. We all had a great laugh because it was the stuffy old Templar who thought to use technology, not the two Dragons and Illuminati. It was that moment, if I hadn’t been already that I was completely sold on The Secret World.

You can read the rest of article here

But I totally agree, this universe in awesome and sometimes so much insanely difficult. Better to think before acting. It’s not a classic rpg, it’s not an infiltration game, it’s not a fps, it’s everything at the same time, and it’s just you that need to select the right approach to the mission you are doing to not die, and advance to the next tier.

For now, I played in the Solomon Island and the Valley of the Sun God, and have completed the first part in Transylvania. I like the change of environment, and history that you discover, encounter while changing zones.

This game is not perfect, but is close to it. And what I like is the fact that players can send invite keys to their friends in order to test the game for 72h and get addicted to it ^^.

I’m linking a video I made of a dungeon run with my Dragon Cabal <The Empire Rising>


If you are playing the game and looking for a Cabal you can contact me ingame CobraGuru 🙂 😉 and remember, have fun and play

Defiance : my point of view

I’m playing from time to time Rift, especially to chat with friends. Trion the editor of rift has implemented a few times ago a gaming platform called Glyph.

A few days ago while I was updating Rift and Glyph, I saw the other game available with the platform, and decide to install Defiance to try it. It’s also free to play nowadays on pc.

So here I am, launching the game. I’ve never watched the series so I didn’t know what it was about.

If you are like me, then I’ll give you some information. The game is a futuristic online open-world shooter. Ok the TPS view (third person shooter) disturb me as I’m not familiar with it, but it’s in the air, plenty of games use it lately.

You are playing an Arc Hunter, a specialist in survival, combat and tracking.

You will receive support from the most technologically advanced company in the new world. This benefit begins with the implantation of the EGO, an alien nanotechnology that fuses with the body to provide extraordinary abilities.

I made the “tutorial” mission and started to play it a little bit. I find it interesting, lots of potential. And this Ego power that you upgrade while leveling is really interesting. I choose Cloak for the 1st power and wow it’s great.

The universe is pretty nice with night and day shift, a lots of weapons available, some kind of teleporter that helps travel faster (called Fast travel point), and vehicles 🙂 There are missions, instances, etc .. For example I enter an area for a mission. 2 others players were on it, we share automatically the result and I liked that. no need to look for a group to play.

The graphics may not be the best, but when it’s fun, when there is potential, for me, at least, graphics are a little bit less important.

You can check my test :

For the fan of the series, the game is close to it and even more if I read correctly, some actions you’ll be able to do in the game could change the way the series is. If it’s right, this is awesome.

If you are interested the link to the main website :


Thank you for reading, have fun, and play 🙂

Star Trek Online : Cryptic/PWE you are destroying everything !!!

I’m playing STO since january 2012, when they release the game as free to play.

One week after I bought a lifetime subscirption 🙂

The first 18 months were perfect. They were improving the game and of course sometimes changing the amout of ressources it was possible to obtain as reward of some missions, were making people not happy but the game was fun to play, my friend list was averaging 15-20 people online regularly.

But then something broke and for sure something happened in the management team of the game.

They created reputation system that was using the same principle as for the fleet holdings. You put projects, fill them with ressources and earn some reputation experience toward a goal, the max reputation tier.

They increase the number of reputation system each time they were making new ennemies. It makes people stay in game to farm the tokens and ressources needed for those projects. That is ok. STO is a farming game since the beginning.

The big problem started when they change the reputation system to make it “easier”. In fact they just change it completely and screw the former players, long timers in making the system more easy for the new players that don’t want to spend days farming for some projects.

And what about us ? I’ve spent months on those projects, never complaining and they change everything. Worse, those reputation system are divided in 5 tier. Each tier was rewarding an activable or passives skills.

I ended up with 16 passives (4 skills x 4 tier) and 4 activables skills (1 per tier 5).

Seems some players were complaining that long timer were too strong, so they decide to screw us again by allowing us to have only the 4 activable skills and 4 space – 4 ground passive skills renaming them “traits”

Means I lost 8 passives skills on all my end game characters.

I can say now, clearly that they do everything possible to increase the player cash deposit ingame. You know this system of f2p games, there are stores where u can buy points with your real cash and with those points, buy items, fashions, ships, etc …

In STO, there is a special exchange for those “Zen” points toward an important ressources ingame called “Dilithium”

Around a year ago I was farming dilithium and exchanging them on this market to buy zen. I paid 90 dil for 1 zen.

The prices at this moment is 157 / 1. yesterday I checked it was 150. It’s increasing everydays.

They announced some times ago a new update as they are implementing 2 full seasons of content every year, now, with a half update of previous season in summer. So we will have update 9.5 soon.

Ok they will finally improve the crafting system that lots of players including me asked them to do for a long time now, but for that they are again changing plenty of things.

The ressources of crafting were, as of today, obtainable easily and you could farm them in some exploration areas called clusters. Those explorations clusters were directly linked for me with the Star Trek universe. Exploration is the base of Star Trek.

and you can purchase R&D packs from the C-Store, which will give you an assortment of materials.

For those looking for a leg up on their competition, Research and Development Booster Packages are available in the C-store for 300 ZEN. These packs includes: 40 R&D materials (15 common materials or better, 15 uncommon materials or better, 6 rare materials or better, and 3 very rare materials), 8 R&D components (3 Mk II or better, 3 Mk VI or better, and 2 Mk X or better) and 3 R&D catalysts that can be used to increase your effective school skill on a given project, yielding a higher chance to create a higher quality item. A bundle of 4 R&D Booster Packages is also available at a discount, for 1,000 ZEN.

With the rate of $10 = 1000 Zen. Ok We will still be able to collect ressources on planets, doing missions, etc but it’s becoming really sad and disappointing.

And today my friend list has max 5 people online at same time, and max 10 players are playing regularly compared to before where I could have 40-50 players in a week.

Cryptic/PWE continue like this and you’ll do like Bioware/EA, destroying your communities and losing players, the real ones.

I consider myself a loyal player but enough is enough. We ask more kdf content for years now, more stories, more long missions. You are doing all wrong.

Grid Autosport : Codemasters is going into the wall

Ok you’ll start to think I’m often critisizing games and companies. Not really but sometimes it’s necessary.

I’m a fan of the Toca games series including the Toca Race Driver series.

But since a while now, Codemasters is making bad cars games, and Grid Autosport is something not good at all.

I read critics and for me they are too high. The note I saw was like 14/20 and for me this game is just 10/20.

I tested the game and what to say about it….. simply …… what is that !!!

They have removed the animation of the chief mechanic or the manager. Well I was finding that interesting but ok they prefer to make sober menu. Except the noise to select and move from side to side which is boring at the time.

The worse is that there is less setup available for cars, only 3 position : low, normal, high !! I thought it was a racing game ? Even if you don’t want to make a full setup area, at least a little bit more options would be better.

Plus there is no flag rules, except a penalty when you cross a corner, but actually on some it doesn’t work.

You want to run clean, AI pushes you, so you end up pushing them also and overtaking them like this as there is no penalty either for that.

The damage are available, but you really need to drive like crazy to destroy the car. Only good things you can get a puncture on your tire and loose a race. But it’s the only good things in game I find 😦

And worse, most of the tracks, and race are the same as previous Grid games.

They split the game in several discipline : tourism, endurance, open wheel, street racing and a mix with drift. Seems you can’t access to the grid races only if you obtain anough level in all the others disciplines. And personnaly I don’t like drift, so I can’t even play the full game, it seems.

The sound of engines are the same as in the previous grid and it’s not simulation and not arcade, it’s somewhere in between.

The graphics are ok without being impressive, especially the public around the tracks.

Codemasters, come on, what is that game. Is it a racing game ? If yes why we can’t have more setup available on cars, longer race, and longer season (4-6 races is a season ….).

It’s not arcade, it’s not simulation, it’s not racing game, what is that then ? for me nothing and you can pass your way and forget this game.

Hitman Absolution

Yes I know the game is out for more than a year but I just got it recently and tried it.

I remember the firsts episodes of the series. it was new concept, new way of playing. Infiltration, disguise, assasination, etc …

Hitman Absolution is great. I read the critics after I tested the game and they gave 17/20 and it’s justified, correct.

I’ll not spoil the story in here, just give you the wish to play the game.

The graphics are nice, the environment can load a big crowd of people.

There is lots of cinematic with voice acting and it gives something strong to the story which is good. The music is also good, the atmosphere is impressive.

It took me a little bit of time to remember how to play and they added some new actions. Yes the game can be hard especially that you can choose several level of difficulties and the AI can be a little bit paranoid 🙂

Infiltration and disguise are still awesome, sniping a target is still Hitman 🙂

You can check my test here :

Hitman is back for our pleasure 🙂 If you haven’t tried it maybe you should consider it now 🙂