So Bored of SWTOR, especially of Bioware

Come on, really, seriously ?

There is summer event in Star Trek Online, in Rift. There is an anniversary event in The Secret World. The spring event just ended in Lord of the Rings Online and the summer event will start soon.

And in SWTOR ? the bounty hunter week ……. like every months.

I completed it 3-4 months ago. Why should I play it again ? There is no interesting loot. So no point at all to do it again !

The only things Bioware do is to add nearly every week some new pets, mounts, gears in the shop! Stupid players that buy them non stop instead of asking for gaming content, things to do.

Season 9.5 update in Star trek Online will be soon, as the game already prepatch. We had the update 2.7 in rift 2 months ago and devs speak non stop of new update 2.8 and even of the 3.0 big new content.

Lotro has celebrated his 7 years anniversary 3 months ago ! Yes you read correctly 7 years. Just after this anniversary they gave update 13. And now they already announce update 14 coming soon.

In the Secret World they expand content a month ago, and devs announce the continuation of story after July hollidays, so in one month.

And we keep waiting for real stuff to do in SWTOR. I’m really bored to pay for a game where I have nothing to do at the moment.

I’m farming components, ressources in STO every day, spending a couple of hours for that, playing TSW also a few hours, but when I log in SWTOR I have nothing left to do and I start to think that in august we will only have guild flagship, housing, and nothing else, no new stories, and that I’ll stop subscribe for this game and give my money to another MMO. It’s sad as I really like a lot the game and the universe but that’s enough.

Be ready to loose again lots of customer Bioware.


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