Grid Autosport : Codemasters is going into the wall

Ok you’ll start to think I’m often critisizing games and companies. Not really but sometimes it’s necessary.

I’m a fan of the Toca games series including the Toca Race Driver series.

But since a while now, Codemasters is making bad cars games, and Grid Autosport is something not good at all.

I read critics and for me they are too high. The note I saw was like 14/20 and for me this game is just 10/20.

I tested the game and what to say about it….. simply …… what is that !!!

They have removed the animation of the chief mechanic or the manager. Well I was finding that interesting but ok they prefer to make sober menu. Except the noise to select and move from side to side which is boring at the time.

The worse is that there is less setup available for cars, only 3 position : low, normal, high !! I thought it was a racing game ? Even if you don’t want to make a full setup area, at least a little bit more options would be better.

Plus there is no flag rules, except a penalty when you cross a corner, but actually on some it doesn’t work.

You want to run clean, AI pushes you, so you end up pushing them also and overtaking them like this as there is no penalty either for that.

The damage are available, but you really need to drive like crazy to destroy the car. Only good things you can get a puncture on your tire and loose a race. But it’s the only good things in game I find 😦

And worse, most of the tracks, and race are the same as previous Grid games.

They split the game in several discipline : tourism, endurance, open wheel, street racing and a mix with drift. Seems you can’t access to the grid races only if you obtain anough level in all the others disciplines. And personnaly I don’t like drift, so I can’t even play the full game, it seems.

The sound of engines are the same as in the previous grid and it’s not simulation and not arcade, it’s somewhere in between.

The graphics are ok without being impressive, especially the public around the tracks.

Codemasters, come on, what is that game. Is it a racing game ? If yes why we can’t have more setup available on cars, longer race, and longer season (4-6 races is a season ….).

It’s not arcade, it’s not simulation, it’s not racing game, what is that then ? for me nothing and you can pass your way and forget this game.


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