Defiance : my point of view

I’m playing from time to time Rift, especially to chat with friends. Trion the editor of rift has implemented a few times ago a gaming platform called Glyph.

A few days ago while I was updating Rift and Glyph, I saw the other game available with the platform, and decide to install Defiance to try it. It’s also free to play nowadays on pc.

So here I am, launching the game. I’ve never watched the series so I didn’t know what it was about.

If you are like me, then I’ll give you some information. The game is a futuristic online open-world shooter. Ok the TPS view (third person shooter) disturb me as I’m not familiar with it, but it’s in the air, plenty of games use it lately.

You are playing an Arc Hunter, a specialist in survival, combat and tracking.

You will receive support from the most technologically advanced company in the new world. This benefit begins with the implantation of the EGO, an alien nanotechnology that fuses with the body to provide extraordinary abilities.

I made the “tutorial” mission and started to play it a little bit. I find it interesting, lots of potential. And this Ego power that you upgrade while leveling is really interesting. I choose Cloak for the 1st power and wow it’s great.

The universe is pretty nice with night and day shift, a lots of weapons available, some kind of teleporter that helps travel faster (called Fast travel point), and vehicles 🙂 There are missions, instances, etc .. For example I enter an area for a mission. 2 others players were on it, we share automatically the result and I liked that. no need to look for a group to play.

The graphics may not be the best, but when it’s fun, when there is potential, for me, at least, graphics are a little bit less important.

You can check my test :

For the fan of the series, the game is close to it and even more if I read correctly, some actions you’ll be able to do in the game could change the way the series is. If it’s right, this is awesome.

If you are interested the link to the main website :


Thank you for reading, have fun, and play 🙂


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