Firefall : The biggest failure I’ve encountered

Hello, today I wanted to relate you what happens tp me yesterday evening.

I’ve heard that the mmo of science fiction Firefall was realease f2p and on steam.

I’ve installed it, made an account and launched it.

The game started with cinematic, and introduction, then I started to play it, doing a sort of mini tutorial to choose the classes to play.

And after that part, nothing !!!

I’ve waited in the starting area 10mn to get a group then a nice fixed screen with a countdown and another one, etc …

In total I’ve spent 40mn in game, just waiting and waiting. I considered this the biggest failure ever, as I haven’t been able to even test the game. You will be able to see it in this video (I shortened the video).

Of course after loosing 40mn I immediately uninstalled this as I’ve also read on the forum of the game that plenty and plenty of people had trouble with the game and waiting time loop.

I’m going back to the mmo’s I know and play, and even if they have bugs, or trouble at least I can play them.

Have fun and play 🙂


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