Defiance : I prefer the game :)

I’ve made already a post about Defiance with a video about my first steps in game.

The fact is, the more I play the game, the more I like it. It may sound repetitive as to improve your levels you need to play a lot of ingame world events, etc.

But I’ve always enjoyed storyline in most of the game I played, and I like the story very much in Defiance.

A few days ago I decided to have a look to the tv shows and to be honest I didn’t find it good at all. The base of the story is good but the way they turn it on I, personnaly, don’t find it awesome or interesting.

The tv shows takes place in the city of Defiance, new name of what was St Louis. The video game is in San Francisco and has opened recently in Sillicon Valley and it’s so much better.

Ok, for some time we had a lot of connection issue. The game became free to play so it brought in a lots of new players and the servers were not able to hold all that. Also, it seems devs are making some bad moves about pricing, items, gears, etc. But as I’m a new player with still a low level for me it’s not a big problem, but ya, I can understand the former and long timer players that are angry.

I’ll post 2 videos today of some world event to show you the intensity of those fight :  arkfall, incursion, siege …



I try to play it as much as I can. I even made a clan with my guild and it’s fun to play in group (co-op map, competitive multiplayer arenas), to get bonus of experiences, cash, etc..,  as the clan level improve 🙂


Have fun and play 🙂


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