Star Trek Online : Borg Advance episode series

When cryptic launched season 9, they reworked the episode series “Borg Advance” implementing the participation of Admiral Tuvok played by Tim Russ.

Since season 8, cryptic understood that they need to implement in game, when it’s possible, the actors that made the Star Trek tv shows what we all liked.

So in season 8 they added Worf with the voice of Michael Dorn, they added Tasha Yar with Denise Crosby, and lately then Tim Russ playing back his role of Tuvok, now as Admiral.

I liked the way the 4 episodes of the series were before, but they made still a good work reworking them.

I’ve made some videos and I’ll let you judge. Each episode take around 15mn so the 4 have the length of a tv episode.

Episode 1 : Where Angels Fear to Tread


Episode 2 : A Gathering Darkness


Episode 3 : Assimilation


Episode 4 : Fluid Dynamics


Enjoy and remember, have fun and play 🙂


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