Star Trek Online mission Surface Tension

Have you ever wanted to play a mission in a game that looks like a tv episode of the series you like ? This mission is close to that in legnth and intensity, things to do.

I may not agree with all changes that do Cryptic & PWE with STO, I’ve already said that, but introducing back some characters we liked to watch in the TV Shows was awesome : Tuvok (Tim Russ) & Worf (Michael Dorn) both appears in the episode .

This mission “Surface Tension” is good. I think they built it like a tv episode. I played it and it took me close to an hour to complete it.

I’ve record it and divided it in 3 parts in order to upload it ๐Ÿ™‚

This mission introduce the Undine threat, also known as species 8472, although we already met them before.

Spoiler Alert : The mission reminds us also that another real powerfull ennemy is still somewhere out there and should, will appears back soon I believe.



Divinity Original Sin : One of the best RPG

I had the opportunity to test Divinity Original Sin and I was happy to do it.

Back then, I played a lots Divine Divinity as it was one of my favourite rpg.

The game was possible with a kickstarter campaign that proves players enjoyed the Divinity universe.

I made a video of my test :

I was surprised of the turn based combat system and as I was not used to it, it took me times to adapt, but it also reminds me Baldur’s Gate game style.

The game is beautifull, the musical atmosphere is nice. It takes a little bit of times to master the camera to be able to check all area and find all items, hidden passages, etc …

If you haven’t tried it yet, rush to buy it as it’s really a great rpg game.


Have fun and play

Star Trek Online : Cryptic listen to the fans (a little bit)

A while ago, I don’t remember when it was, Cryptic post a poll on the sto forums about what would like the fans to be the base for the new content.

The majority votes Voyager.

As a result, Cryptic has annoouced recently the new expansion of the game : Delta Rising

This is the trailer of Delta Rising :

I’m playing sto since 2012. I liked to meet Bones, Scotty in some episodes where we were sent into the past, but it was just their characters, without voice acting. Only Leonard Nimoy gave his voice ingame.

Then Cryptic started to do what all Star Trek fans wanted.

Michael Dorn plays Ambassador Worfย  and it was awesome to be able to fight alongisde him.

They input also Denise Crosby in a special episode where she was playing Tasha Yar again.

Some months ago it’s Tim Russ that appears playing Admiral Tuvok and in the long episode (close to 1 hour of playing time) we were fighting alongside him. He was also present in another episode of previous season.

But now Cryptic announced this :

Do you recognize them ? Tim Russ as Admiral Tuvok, Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine, Ethan Philips as Neelix and Robert Picardo (The Doctor) will join Garrett Wang (Harry Kim). They are coming to the game.

I don’t like everything that cryptic & Pwe have done in the past, several modifications were not at all good for the hard core and long timer base of players, but introducing the Romulans as a playable races and bringing back some of the characters we liked to watch is good. I wish cryptic to listen a bit more to players to have more Klingons side content and to not make the game too easy. We also like when it’s difficult.


I always liked the Star Trek universe and I’ll also like using the game to thanks a lot Gene Roddenberry for his genious vision.

Have fun and play.

SWTOR : how is it possible to fail graphism at this point in 2014

Hello, and once again I’ll make a post to criticize Bioware but this is unacceptable in 2014.

We are playing with graphic cards that allow us to have images like real.

But Bioware releases cinematics with a character that looks like a ps2 graphism (quote from a friend).

I’ve record some of the cinematic involving this character. My games run in Ultra in 1920×1440 using a GTX 770.

It looks like this character wears a wig with glued hairs, bad facial animations.

I played several mmo’s, Star Trek Online, Defiance, Rift, The Secret World, in all those games the cinematic involving characters with facial animations are way much better. I don’t get it, how Bioware can fail that like this !!!

I’ll let you judge.

and remember, have fun and play ๐Ÿ™‚