SWTOR : how is it possible to fail graphism at this point in 2014

Hello, and once again I’ll make a post to criticize Bioware but this is unacceptable in 2014.

We are playing with graphic cards that allow us to have images like real.

But Bioware releases cinematics with a character that looks like a ps2 graphism (quote from a friend).

I’ve record some of the cinematic involving this character. My games run in Ultra in 1920×1440 using a GTX 770.

It looks like this character wears a wig with glued hairs, bad facial animations.

I played several mmo’s, Star Trek Online, Defiance, Rift, The Secret World, in all those games the cinematic involving characters with facial animations are way much better. I don’t get it, how Bioware can fail that like this !!!

I’ll let you judge.

and remember, have fun and play 🙂




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