Star Trek Online mission Surface Tension

Have you ever wanted to play a mission in a game that looks like a tv episode of the series you like ? This mission is close to that in legnth and intensity, things to do.

I may not agree with all changes that do Cryptic & PWE with STO, I’ve already said that, but introducing back some characters we liked to watch in the TV Shows was awesome : Tuvok (Tim Russ) & Worf (Michael Dorn) both appears in the episode .

This mission “Surface Tension” is good. I think they built it like a tv episode. I played it and it took me close to an hour to complete it.

I’ve record it and divided it in 3 parts in order to upload it 🙂

This mission introduce the Undine threat, also known as species 8472, although we already met them before.

Spoiler Alert : The mission reminds us also that another real powerfull ennemy is still somewhere out there and should, will appears back soon I believe.



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