MMORPG Fantasy : which one to choose : Part II

ArcheAge : From Trion. I’ve made the test of Arche Age in the last week end of the beta version.

The game has potential, it use the cryengine 3, but I haven’t found it the best of the best at all on the graphics level.

The introduction cinematic is very good, but the game has no voice acting while it has become a standard nowadays. The combat system is ok, my character was carrying a bow and melee weapon so it can start attacking from far and finish the monster at close range.

You can have mounts, of course and lots of quest making you travel a lot in the universe.

The point that I didn’t like at all is the gathering – crafting system. You need to have labor points to be able to gather ressources or craft items. I personnally enjoy a lot crafting in all mmo’s as it is for me part of the game. But in ArcheAge you need to be logged in hours to have enough of those labor points to craft some items. What is that !!! if I log in a few times every days to make some quests I can’t gather enough ressources or in case I have a lots of ressources can’t craft them !!

In the end I didn’t find ArcheAge good enough to stay on it.


Tera Rising :  Tera is managed by Gameforge. The game exist for 2 years now. Tera use Unreal Engine 3 and you see it.

It’s beautifull, really. The game is very dynamic, there is no targetting system so at first it may be a little bit difficult but in the end it’s a very good way of playing and fighting.

There is 7 races and 9 classes available. The game is f2p with a shop and also a subscription system.

There are dungeons (full dungeon requires a group, but you can play solo some part of it) while leveling and raiding at end game.

You can enhance and enchant your gears, you’ll find sets of gears with bonuses.

There is also guild and reputation system, as usual but also a political system ! Yes you can register for an election to manage one of the 19 provinces.

You have a lots of pve quests, events, and a pvp system with battleground of 16vs16.

But what I found more amazing is the transportation system. You have teleport that allow you to go back to the main safe city in the region you are playing but also a system of flying mounts to travel from region to region using Pegasus or Dragons (amazing beautifull animation of the wings of the pegasus), and of course mounts for your ground movement.

I’m playing it at the moment and find it really nice with lots of possibilities and a lots of fun to take playing it.


Vindictus : The game exist since 2010-2011 depending the world region you are and this is the 1st big problem I’ve encounter on this game.

You have several website with several clients depending where you live. I made the mistake to download and install the North American client and of course couldn’t played it as I was in europe. it took me a lot of times to understand why I couldn’t play as the info is hidden in a small faq on the website. Ya there is also different website one for EU and one for NA.

The game start on a big introduction cinematic with voice acting, but when you start playing the game actually there is no voice acting anymore. A lot of reading time is needed.

The combat system is awesome, really dynamic and like Tera, no targetting, and combo based system. But the UI is not good, the graphism are old for me, compared to Tera for example.

The system is simple you get a quest and go in the dungeon, instance to do it, solo or in group.

If you like to destroy everything you’ll like it a lot as you can destroy crates, vases but also pilar, etc …

The game has a lots of potential but I have found the UI not easy to manage, the fact that I set up my mouse to be the camera to improve the facing targeting system is also problematic as each time you’ll have a window opening on your screen the mouse is lost as the cursor take back the priority.

I’ll let you judge it :


City of Steam Arkadia (aka CoS) : I considered it also a mmo fantasy in a steam punk environment. The game use the unity 3d engine.

The game is also based on dungeons you enter to clean and complete your story. There are solo dungeons but most of them are also open so you may encounter other players while doing you quest.

You have 10 races and 4 classes. The game is also dynamic and I’ve enjoyed the gunner class a lot. There are dailies events, pve and pvp.

I’ve discovered the game via the Steam platform.

I can’t say I play it regularly but it’s fun. There is mounts also, but don’t expect them to be horses or tigers. No. In CoS it’s bike that you’ll improve regularly. You can watch my test to make your own opinion.

End of Part II


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