IS Star Trek Online undeniably dying ?

Hello everyone.

Yes I assume what i’m saying. I love this game, playing it for 4 years now and so many things shows me I’m right, it’s really sad.

First things, I wasn’t really able to log in for a couple weeks, so when I logged in it yesterday, in the afternoon, while there is a monthly event, there was very few players online, and I have proof. I made several screenshot to explain my words.

Like you see, only 59 players in the event “The Breach” and 16 players queue for the rest.


In the second one, 14 players queue and 24 in game.


3rd picture : 20 playing and 9 in queue.


4th picture : 12 in queue, 0 playing.


5th picture : 5 in queue, 0 playing. (this last picture include half of the list from the 4th picture also)


6th picture : 6 queue players for pvp maps


and on the last one, the amount of players online in chat channels :


As you can see all in all, there was 103 players inside pve missions, and 62 in queues (considering you can queue up to 3 at the same time, it means we could have only 20-30 players in queue)

The pictures on pvp queues was taken in space Battlezone. There was less than 30 players (I checked all instances) On Defera ground, one of the main ground battlezone, less than 20 players.

What I mean is that, players may be in game playing episodes, but Cryptic with all it’s changes have killed the pve and team play. On a wednesday afternoon less than 200 players on pve queue is really, really bad.

With it’s politics of new tier 6 ships that you have to buy again when you had the tier 5-u, with the limit of dilithium that can be refined every days, with the new race to epic gears that cost a lots of dilithium to be done, the race to DPS if you want to play the Elite or even Advanced difficulties pve queue, there is less and less players playing.

Since the evolution of difficulties, players have left the pve queue. I like playing episodes, but playing them 3-4 times to get gears when you have several characters is at a point starting to be boring, considering that you can be any classes, any races and the episodes are always the same.

THIS IS REALLY WHAT HAS KILLED THE INTEREST OF THE GAME. Why make 3 differents classes, Tactical, Engineer and Science, if after the first 2 arcs, all missions are the same whatever classes you are. Worst, even in the pve queue there is only the need of DPS and nothing more.

Star Trek Online is a free to play (f2p) game since 2012. But since a couple years, probably because of PWE, there is a need to make lots of money ! Ya it’s normal for every company to earn money, but first of all, it’s not at all in phase with the universe of Star Trek. But there was a sorts of balance between f2p players and contribution players.

The exchange rate between Dilithium and Zen (the ingame shop money that you buy from your real €£$) was 1 zen for 100 dilithium a couple years ago.

Since 2 years this rate is increasing regularly, meaning that either there are less players buying zen for real cash, or Cryptic is influencing the rate manually to push people to buy zen.

Zen is the main currency in game to buy ships, packs, cosmetics, but also to unlock several account or characters features (bank account, ships slots, characters slots, boff slots, doff rosters, etc etc)

The obvious proof : Like I wrote, Exchange rate was 1-100, it’s as of today 1-305.

In Neverwinter there is the same market exchange system, with Zen (as Neverwinter si also developed by Cryptic) the rate is 1-442 when I write this blog. It was 1-410 more than a year ago. Means the market is pretty stable.

But not in Star Trek Online, and when you check how many Zen there is on sale, we have an amount close to 200k at the moment. Which is sensible the same amount whenever I’m checking. So if there is still as many players putting money into STO, then why the game is empty ? Strange isn’t it ? I much more suspect Cryptic to artificially increase Zen prices to push, oblige f2p players to buy zen, as it becomes now too tough to be able to buy a bank account that cost 1000 zen, means 300k dilithium farming with also one important point, you can only refine 8,5k dilithium a day ! Meanning to get 300k you need 35 days !!!

Cryptic has done good job on some point, but when I see the chat channels empty, the pve queues empty, like I showed you in my pics, and continually the same things, changing the game to always add things to pushes players to grind and pay because grinding has become too heavy, it’s the bad road and Cryptic is too deep in it to recognize thay have made mistakes, they didn’t listen to the player base, and in the end, the players left.

My friend list is empty 90% of the time, the Fleets and Armada I’m in are empty.

I really like Star Trek Online, but I really want things to change in the good way. If Cryptic / PWE keep going on this way, it won’t bring back players that have stopped in those recent years and I’ll also play much more less than I used to.


Have fun everyone.



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