Finally : Marvel Heroes 2016 reviews

Hello all,

After making and uploading my videos reviewing my test of Marvel Heroes 2016, I completely forgot to make my blog’s post. :p

I repair my mistake by posting them today 🙂

1st part :


2nd part :


and last part :


I’ve kept playing it, and leveling several heroes. I have, now, 2 at 60 and 1 close to 60.

The fact is each heroes have a different play style, a real one, with even on each different play style compared to other players. This is good. The game is active, lots of events, and also if you don’t want to pay, you can play it free all the way as you’ll gather regularly by playing a lot an ingame money to be able to unlock other heroes, team-up, pets, etc…


If you like Heroes, if you like Marvel universe, then you should really give a try to the game 🙂


Have fun and play


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