Star Trek Online season 11.5 is here and well, nothing has changed, almost

Following my blog post of March, season 11.5 is live for more than a week now, with lots of changes and nothing that changed.

Wait what ?

The game has new features, that destroyed the pleasure we had. I explain : new skills system revamped !

As usual Cryptic starts something always by the behind door to stab you in the back. They introduce a while ago specialization points to push lvl 60 to keep playing to gather points corresponding to extra levels to add into one primary and one secondary skill tree called “specialization”.

Ok those skills tree gives extra bonus, defense, power, etc etc…

But the fact is that now, this system of skill tree has been switched to normal space and ground skills. Paf in our face ! Good job Cryptic.

If you are tactical, you’ll be obliged to put 27 points in the tactical departement, even if you don’t need some skills, just because now to get the final bonus of the tree, you need 27 points. Which also limits a lot the attribution of points to other area of the tree. before we could select how we would like a skill to work by placing 30-60-90 or 100% points in it.

example of skill tree build can be found here :

I believe Cryptic is doing all this just to make the game playable by everyone, simple, easy, removing the difficulty of making toons, as more toons = more ships sold.

I’m disappointed. I’ve made an introduction video to season 11.5. You’ll see what I’ve already said, game is dead ! less than 50 players in pve queue.


I’ve also played the new feature episode. You can check it here, but honestly, it’s always the same now, space fight, ground fight, meeting with intrusion, etc etc, and nothing depending the classes you play. That’s why I’m wondering what Cryptic expect. Yes it cost money to create content, but do it well, do it correctly, with faction specification and classes specification.



Thanks for reading, have fun guys and remember, play 🙂



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