Ghost in the Shell first assault online : Good, but not the best

Hello everyone,

Ghost in the Shell is one of my favorite universe. I’ve seen 90% of what has been done in this universe, animation movies, animation series, etc…

When the game online, was announced I was really exited. But after playing it a little bit, I’m not happy at all.

The game is a FPS in the universe of Section 9. You’ll play all of the member of the team, after unlocking them. I bought a special pack, so at the moment I have 6 agent unlocked. They all have their own specialty, this is well made. Motoko can use optic camouflage, like in the movies, Batou is a cyborg and has a rocket launcher in the arm, etc …

But the problem is that there is a taste of pay to win in the back. The more you play, the more you’ll level up your account, the more you’ll earn experience point to fill in the unlocking of new weapons, chip slots, etc … But you can also buy new weapons in the market, and upgrade them with new components.

And we are back in the system of “the one that have the biggest and strongest gun win”.

Yes it’s a FPS, so you need skills, and with my big age now, ;), I don’t have reflexes like 10-15 years ago. But when you empty a charger on an enemy and he is still alive, it’s kind of frustrating, especially because you know he is higher level than you, and that he has more chipset unlocked, better weapons, etc …

The game is frustrating if you don’t play 10 hours a day, and it’s Nexon ways of doing things. The GITS franchise is not well served I think by them.

The game is considered early access on steam. and for me it’s just a beta ! there are like 10 maps on 3 playing modes : Demolition (terro vs police), Domination (capture tower) and team deathmatch.

Nothing new, all those modes exist for close to 20 years now in other FPS.

In the end, even if I’m a huge fan of GITS universe, I’m king of frustrated and disappointed by this game. They really could have done something much better.

You can check my videos :



Thank you for reading and remember, have fun and play a lot 🙂



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