Marvel Heroes 2016 3rd Anniversary events

Hello all, yes it is already 3 years that Marvel Heroes exist.

I have to admit that I’ve discovered the game watching a tv video game broadcast in february, and since, I’m playing it regularly.

I’m not the fan of Marvel or superheroes in general, but I really enjoy this game that have mixed the hack’n slash diablo like style with a real mmo immersion and rpg style.

And now it’s the 3rd anniversary events, for a month.

Here is the list of every weeks with their different events and bonuses :

6/3 to 6/10
– Midtown Madness All Week!
– Mystic Mayhem
– Cosmic Leveling Boost
– 163% Serverside XP Bonus

6/10 to 6/17
– Cosmic Chaos
– Wealth of King’s County Returns – This time, the Maggia have stolen CAKE SLICES!
– 50% bonus XP in Industry City Patrol
– 150% Serverside XP Bonus
– Brood Invasion Danger Room Tournament
– New Anniversary Tournament

6/17 to 6/23
– Operation Omega
– Odin’s Bounty
– Omega Leveling Boost
– 172% Serverside XP Bonus All Week!
– Subway Danger Room Tournament

6/23 – 6/30
– ARMOR Incursion
– Cosmic Chaos
– Operation Omega
– 200% Serverside XP Bonus All Week!
– Odin’s Bounty – Active everywhere all week!
– NEW Cable Danger Room Tournament – A new Danger Room tournament where you test yourself against one of the most iconic Danger Room scenarios, battling Cable!




Thanks for reading , have fun and play a lot



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