The Crew Wild Run and Nvidia latest drivers = Nothing good

I’ve installed 2 weeks ago driver Nvidia 368.39, just before going to sleep.

The next day, there was a maintenance in The Crew Wild Run.

After the maintenance, nothing worked. Game didn’t start and was crashing at the black screen before seeing the Ubisoft Logo.

I sent immediately a message to Ubi support.

One day after, they asked me to verify files and to send them dxdiag and msinfos.

What I did. It took them a week to answer me and to say me that the issue was coming from a problem with latest Nvidia drivers, and that they were working with Nvidia devs to find a solution.

But in between, they asked me to install an old driver 368.22

I haven’t done it, simply because I’ve already read someone trying to do that and having much more problem after. and also because, uninstalling Nvidia drivers is not easy.

I would like to know how it’s possible that a driver break a game.

I played Assetto Corsa, Star Trek Online, Deus Ex, Borderlands 2 & TPS, Ghost In the Shell, Marvel Heroes, Diablo 3, Unreal Tournament 4 and many other games without issue.

I’ve even launched Assasin’s creed without problem. But only The Crew Wild Run don’t work and it would be the fault of Nvidia ?

hmmmm I feel doubtfull


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