Ride : Ducati 90th anniversary, or the way to damage the image of a brand

Ride was a motorbike games that was interesting when it came out.

There is not enough motorbike games on the market. But the development of this game was long and tough. So many bugs when it came out, finally most of them were corrected with time.

The game was not flawless but it was still interesting to play.

Milestone is the editor of Ride, they also edit MxGP, Moto Gp.

Recently they launch Ducati 90th anniversary.

I tested it and my goddess, it’s awful. They used ride as a base, but actually they just replace the motorbike existing in Ride by only Ducati once. But I don’t know what happened in the middle the game became ugly, and not interesting at all.

You can check my video :


I’m really disappointed and in the end it’s not milestone or ride that have their image damaged, but Ducati, and this is not good.

I’m not a rider, never had my riding license, but I enjoy motorbike and I respect riders, and I enjoy all brand of motorbike. Often games focused on only one brand are not good, the only exception I know was Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed but it was more than 15 years ago.

Thank you for reading,

And remember have fun, play a lot

Cobra Guru


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